Have you always admired the elegance of reclining rocking chairs, but been frustrated by the unavailability of plans or detailed instructions on how to make one? I hope that the CD I have prepared, with its detailed CAD-produced diagrams and full-scale plans, cutting list, photographs, and step-by-step instructions, will fulfill your needs.
The CD reveals the secrets of how to cut the compound-angled tenons used in the joints between the side rails and the back legs, and how to accurately align the dowels that join the legs to the rockers. It also includes diagrams and detailed descriptions of how to make the precision mortising, tenoning, and dowelling jigs used in the construction of the rocker. If you have a well-equipped workshop, preferably with a thicknesser, jointer, router, table-saw, bandsaw, and drill-press, and are ready to undertake a project that is challenging, but not beyond the competence of the average experienced woodworker, my CD will enable you to produce an heirloom piece that will be treasured by future generations of your family.

To suit a world-wide clientele, the CD is available in two versions, with inch or metric measurements. A third version of the CD is now available describing how to make the rocker using the Festool Domino jointer; this version is in metric units. If you have a Domino jointer, it will not be necessary to make the mortising and tenoning jigs that are required to make the rocker by traditional methods. The description and plans of the rocker and the jigs are in .pdf format on the CD, and the plans are also included in .dwg format.

To order, please specify which version of the CD (inch, metric, or Domino) you require, and make payment by personal check in either US, Canadian, or Australian dollars, or UK pounds sterling.

Prices for the CD in these currencies are as follows:

US dollars: $44 + $6 postage and handling;
Canadian dollars $44 + $6 postage and handling;
Australian dollars: $40 + $5 postage and handling;
UK Pounds sterling: 22 pounds + 3 pounds postage and handling.

Send payment with your order to me at this address, and allow four weeks for delivery:

David Dundas, PO Box 1125, CABOOLTURE, QLD 4510, Australia.

In case of difficulty with your order, contact me by e-mail:
I am also willing to try and help out if you need any further advice on making your rocker.